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Bolt-Together Design: Portable

We are a locally owned and operated company out of Walford Iowa, just a few miles outside of Cedar Rapids. Our Buildings use a bolt-together system which is portable and stronger than the typical nail together buildings.

We offer many upgrades to our buildings including offices, custom garages, and Micro-Homes. Our buildings are built in-house and assembled on site in less than 4 hours

Common Questions?

How is your bolt-together building stronger?

Our bolted Sheds will not seperate over time like those built with screws and nails. This means less moisture, less warping, and a building that outlasts the competition. Read more on the Iowa Sheds blog.

How do you get building into my backyard?

Our buildings are portable! We deliver them to your location in panels and assemble them on-site. Because our buildings are assembled in panels we can gain access through even the smallest gates. See more on FAQ