The Iowa Sheds Difference

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All of these images came from REAL models offered by the Other Guys. Three different competitors and two different model locations.

Why Choose an Iowa Sheds Building?

Reliability and Strength

Iowa Sheds has the sturdiest bolt-together structures around. This strength is important to those of you who need outdoor storage space that will last through decades of tough winters and humid summers. The weather in our state can be unpredictable, meaning you have to be prepared for anything, whether it be pounding rain, blankets of snow, and sheets of ice or high winds. When you purchase an Iowa Sheds bolt-together building, you can rest assured that you have the utmost protection for stored items.

Iowa receives an average of 32 inches of snow each year, with most of it falling between October and April. For many homeowners, this time of year is full of trepidation over the possibility of their structures succumbing to the accumulated weight. Not for an Iowa Shed’s customer; they know that our bolt-together buildings can withstand 30-lbs. of snow per square inch. Likewise, wind poses no problem either. The bolts, which are much stronger than average nails, hold the modular building together with ease.

Don't throw your money away on a screw and nail-together building. Shop local, shop smart. Choose Iowa Sheds.

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