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Will my property taxes go up?

Not necessarily. Your Iowa Sheds building is portable and may not be considered a permanent structure. As such, your taxes will not go up. Each city is different, so be sure to check first.

How do you get a shed into my backyard?

Because of our portable design, our buildings can be moved through any normal backyard fence or gate. No large trucks, tire marks, torn up grass, and no mess.
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Will I need a permit?

That depends on your city. In most instances buildngs under 120sqft (10x12) do not require permits. However, you should always check with your city. For instance, a representative of the City of Ankeny informed us that homeowners must obtain a permit for ANY building of ANY size and pay the associated fee due to a recent change in money generating regulations.

How long does it take to setup my building?

Naturally, it depends on the size of the building and local weather. We always do our best to complete and deliver your building on time and our average setup on site is 5 hours.

Do you have financing or Rent-to-own options?

Yes we do! We offer several options for Rent-To-Own including a 90-day same as cash option. We require sales tax and a0%,3%, or 4% deposit depending on your rental term and that's it! The cost of renting a storage building is comparable to what you'd pay for a storage facility, except you get to keep your Iowa Shed for years to come. No pre-payment penalty for paying off early and FANTASTIC customer support. No credit-check, instant approval.

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What are your smallest and largest size buildings?

Our smallest Barn, Gable, or Lean-to style is 6x8 and our largest is 12x24. Our smallest Garage Style is 12x16 and our largest is 24x36.  Iowa Sheds has you covered.

Do you offer Vinyl?

Yes, we do! Vinyl looks great and we're happy to match your siding to an existing structure. Contact us today for more information! 319-845-2022

What payment methods do you take?

A personal check is the best option and helps keep down costs, so you pay less.  If necessary, we can accept any major credit card, paypal, and even BitCoin.

Are your buildings really portable?

You bet they are! Unlike the competition, our buildings use a bolt-together design. Moving your building is easy. Remove the roof cap, remvove the bolts, and take the sections apart! See our Blog for more details

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Plenty of Options

Need more head room?

Order your Iowa Sheds Garage with 8ft sidewalls. You'll love the extra space our Loft and Ladder package will provide.

Fresh air when you work?

Your garage is a place to work! Order your Garage with extra windows and get that much needed fresh air when you work. It looks better and breathes better.

Shelving and Workbenches?

If you're planning to use your new Iowa Sheds building for more than just storage, you should consider our organization options. Add shelving and workbenches. Have something custom in mind? No problem. Shelves are easy to instal in your building once it's delivered.


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