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The Garden Shed

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The Garden Shed 

Perfect storage and perfect placement. The Garden Shed is versatile.   

Garden Shed

Get storage and functionality while making a statement in your yard.

We love this Garden Shed. 

Bolted to a concrete slab, your Iowa Sheds Garden Shed is solid

Small but cute

Enough room to clean out the garage and dress up the yard.

Custom Paint   

Storage with a pop!  You pick the colors and we make it happen.      

Functioal Garden Shed    

Just what you need to manage the yard and keep it classy.

Garden Shed - Barn style 

Get that extra head room for a loft with the Barn Style Garden Shed

Tough as bolts! 

While functional and stylish, the Garden Shed also features bolt-together power.      

Garden Shed  Interior

We use double bolted 2x4's on the ridge.  The other guys just aren't so tough after all.

About Iowa Sheds Garden Shed

The Garden Shed building is one of our most popular models, and it's easy to see why.

This Garden Shed is highly customizable. Let your imagination run wild! We suggest checking out the Pinterest pages on the right for ideas.

Each Garden Shed comes standard with 7' sidewalls which allows ample room for one or even two lofts for additional storage. In addition, all our buildings are designed to match your home and not be an eye sore for you or the neighborhood.

An Iowa Shed is an extension of your home. Pat your future self on the back, for choosing a stronger, better, bolt-together solution.